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Outdoor Columbaria

Outdoor Columbaria

  • patented security door provides double protection against unauthorized access to urns offering peace of mind for your families
  • moisture dissipation system slows for internal air movement to deter moisture and condensation build up providing a continually clean and dry urn environment
  • all stainless fasteners, marine-grade, “engineered” aluminum provides the strength to bare any sculpture on top
  • non-tapered niche interiors provide maximum space for urns of different sizes. Standard size of 12″×12″×12″ (options available)
  • individual niche doors
  • soft cushioning for urn placement
  • all granite doors are interchangeable and calibrated to the exact same size and thickness. Extra doors are provided with your columbarium.
  • no deteriorating products such as concrete, wood, structural glue, plastic
  • custom designs built to any size or configuration to allow for maximum use of any space.

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