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At KMI we believe that every client deserves the best. We follow through from first call to after installation. We are there for whatever you need.


St.Patrick's Cemetary, Bay City, MIWe have engineered our product to be the best on the market. We continue to ensure KMI stays on the top by gathering ideas and listening to our clients.

Total turn key product. KMI delivers and installs the columbarium. No headaches for the client with unloading or placement.

KMI has built columbaria from coast to coast  in North America. Our expert installers will ensure the product
meets and exceeds your expectations.


  • We stand behind our product 100% with the 25 year warranty.
  • Our columbaria niches can be built to any size or configuration. This allows for maximum use of any space.
  • KMI niches are dust and insect proof but also allow for internal air movement to deter moisture and condensation build up.
  • We build our columbaria with non deteriorating products from marine grade aluminum to our stainless steel fasteners.


 Indoor Columbaria           Outdoor Columbaria


Can’t decide which columbarium is right for you?

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